Premier Solar Energy Firm

Before starting One80, we worked for boutique solar businesses and fast-growing, venture capital backed firms; and we noticed there wasn't a company that both valued the customer relationship like small businesses and had the professionalism and reliability of a larger company. From the beginning we have built a company to realize the best of both models. 

With 9 years of experience and hundreds of projects under our belts, we have become one of the nation's premier solar energy firms focused on commercial and industrial projects. We love that our passion for building solar power plants helps our clients power their passions, whether it’s tanning skins, brewing beer, or running a school, with cheaper and cleaner energy.


A clean, abundant, reliable and decentralized energy economy, detached from the centralized, polluting, and ever-aging power production of the past.


We empower organizations by helping them create their own energy from distributed, clean, reliable, and renewable sources. We do this by delivering innovative solutions and high-quality products with world-class customer service driven by a genuine passion for the people and organizations we serve. We work with a sense of urgency knowing the outcome is a more prosperous world.