Life can throw you curveballs that can sometimes work out to be the best thing for you.
— Lou Scantland
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Lou Scantland founded his company DOCUmation in 1997, after a long a winding road. Lou started his career in the copy business in 1958, after a recession forced a career changed. "It was a revolutionary thing...Demonstrating a copier back then was like doing a magic trick." Things were going well until another curveball would change Lou's trajectory once again.

The blessing of a new baby six years into a successful career in Detroit required a lifestyle change. Industrial smog aggravated the baby's infant bronchitis, and so the young family packed up, sold the business, and headed off to Arizona on a quest for blue skies, clean air, and a completely new business culture. There wasn't much water in this new land, but it was truly "sink or swim". Lou started a new copy business and hit the ground running.

Arizona was tough going for awhile, and Lou's copy & print business was struggling until a large contract with Motorola became a must-win. After listening to the client's challenges and thinking differently from how the industry had worked up to that point, Lou came up with the idea that it would be in Motorola's best interest to pay per page, rather than rent or buy the machines. He won the contract and Lou went on to build one of the largest office copy & print businesses in the country. The pay-per-page model quickly became the standard and the industry has never been the same.

Today, Lou helps mentor his grandsons as the third generation takes the helm of his latest company, DOCUmation. Family is a huge part of the company culture. Lou, and his grandsons Preston and Hunter, consider the company to be an extension of their own nuclear family.

DOCUmation is a full service technology solutions company that expands upon it's roots in the copy & printing business, whose primary responsibility is to help business people gain an advantage over their competitors by providing an efficient and effective means of communicating information both internally and externally.