SYSTEM SIZE:  253kW    


11 branch locations in San Antonio and Houston, TX

In 2015, Credit Human made a major commitment to sustainability by outfitting 11 of their branch locations across San Antonio and Houston with solar power. Aggregated, this is one of the largest commercial solar projects in San Antonio, totaling 253kW. 

This initiative was in direct alignment with their culture and values. They are aggressively working to lower their environmental impact to the benefit of the communities they serve. 

For more than eighty years, Credit Human has been helping members thrive within their means. They’re 100% member-owned, member-directed, and member-governed. 

Solar prices have come down significantly and our price evaluation showed that it would be economically viable... We are really committed to sustainability, trying to help our community and having a zero carbon footprint.
— Eric Malagamba | Credit Human Chief Financial Officer